Booksplanation- 22 Immutable laws of marketing

If there’s one book that has principles around positioning, branding and messaging with anecdotal examples- That’s this. Ignore these laws at your own peril.

Some of my favourite laws-

Law of leadership– It’s always better to first, than be better. Ex- Coca-Cola in Cola, Hertz in car renting.

Law of category– If you can’t be the first in a mind, be the first in the marketplace. Create your own category.

Law of perception– Marketing is not a battle of products, its the battle of perceptions. Marketing should alter perceptions.

Law of diversion– Eventually categories divide.Each niche requires a different brand. Think VIVO,One plus, Realme all owned by BBK

Law of exclusivity– Two companies cannot own the same niche. If you see someone owning the niche, move on.

Law of duality– Every category becomes a two horse category. Hence, it’s pivotal you keep climbing the ‘mind ladder’ of your prospect.

Law of line extension– The most violated law. When you try to be everything for everyone, you end up being nothing for everyone.

Law of singularity– It’s the ONE bold move that will propel you ahead. Find that.