Booksplanation- Scientific advertising

Scientific advertising (by Hopkins) outlines timeless observations on copywriting and advertisements. 

Lessons I learnt from the book- 

  • Salesmanship- Ads are sales engines. Interest of the buyer is the ONLY thing that needs to be conveyed in your ads. Write things that will make them buy. 
  • Offer service- A good ad, never screams ‘Buy this for  $$$’. Talk about the value, offer service and let consumers take action. 
  • Headlines- People don’t read, they skim. The headlines should seek out your audience from the crowd. 
  • Being specific- If a claim is worth making, do it the most impressive way. Generality suggests looseness in expression and carelessness. 
  • Reasoning- People don’t switch products/habits without a reason. Find ‘THAT’ reason for your product. 
  • Fail fast- Any assumption can be answered cheaply with a test campaign (not by arguments) with your consumers. Let a few thousands decide what you will show to millions. 

That’s 150 words.