But, is the messaging memorable?

An advertisement should compel you to take action. The action could be direct (screaming ‘buy’) or indirect (brand recalls etc).

While there are scientific ways to elicit direct responses, not much has been said about indirect advertising. Indirect advertising is rarely about urgency, and more about memory, stickiness and experiences they deliver.

A few examples from a favourite brand- Patek Philippe





Guess the timeline between Ads 1 and 4?

24 years. That’s right- Patek Philippe has run ads with the same messaging for 24 years.

Screenshot 2020-06-27 at 9.26.23 PM.png

These ads depict an idealized world. Relationships you wish to create. They give you a sense of disconnect, a longing aspiration.

Among the beautiful ads, lies one timeless lesson-

Repetition is a powerful marketing tactic when you want to drive an indirect action. It takes time to create a brand recall, even when you have a memorable message. It’s a bonus if you can be creative about it.