Microcopies as a growth tool

Micro copies are smaller texts, that elicit a specific action from the user. Done right, they create memorable experiences with your product. 

Here’s an example from Slack. They had a unique message every time I clicked on their search bar. 

So this got me thinking- How can micro copies be used as a marketing weapon. I researched and found a few use cases for various scenarios. 

Social proof– Ahrefs shows how many people signed up in a particular week. Note how they’ve placed their customer logos

Customer delight– Freshdesk shows this microcopy when someone clicks on “View detailed pricing plan”. That’s microcopies creating customer wow.

Clarifying messages– Done right, microcopies can dictate user behaviour. In this case, Trello clearly points out what each type of board means, shortening the learning curve. 

Persuasion– Copywriting and Apple. Enough said.  Here’s Apple addressing their biggest pain point (their cost) with a microcopy.