The focus word

What’s the most expensive piece of real estate?

The prospect’s mind.

Any other answer wouldn’t count. Al Ries states “owning a word” in the prospect’s mind is the “most powerful” concept in marketing.

I thought of some famous brands

  • Sensodyne- Sensitive tooth
  • FedEx- Overnight
  • Salesforce- CRM
  • Dominos- Home delivery
  • Marlboro- Cowboy

I started to see this as a pattern across all famous brands. Owning a word can be your key to beat the law of leadership.

Do you observe something?

  • Extraordinarily simple words

These are everyday words. No matter how complicated the product/market, the association words are simple.

  • The word is identical to brand’s DNA

Words are either related to benefit (Sensodyne), service (Dominos), or audience (Malbaro). Those are the brand’s DNA.

  • They all have an opposite proponent

FedEX went after delayed parcel deliveries , Salesforce against on-premise and so on.

Brands become stronger when they narrow their focus to ONE thing.

What’s your focus word?