5 ways to make your typical copy more persuasive

Good content needs to convince and elicit action. But, how to do it convincingly?


Proof? Through what?

  • through Testimonials

Case studies, logos, influencer and celebrity approvals. These make prospect go “It works for them, it could for me as well”

An example for Ahrefs. This is from the biggest SEO influencer. Social proof at its best.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 6.42.19 PM.png

  • through Guarantees

Money back guarantees, Try before you buy, makes one think

“Well, I’ve nothing to lose”. Works for high-value purchases.

An example from Seth Godin for his podcasting workshop

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 5.40.35 PM.png

  • through Third-party validations

Reviews on neutral platforms where your customers know you don’t have any influence. Why not use these validations? Example from Freshworks.

Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 5.45.12 PM.png

  • through Demos

Seeing is believing. Think infomercials, no-form signup, free trials etc.

  • through Teardowns

Offering your product for a teardown on a public forum showcases prowess and transparency. Example by Document 360

Why do proofs work?

Because it’s the one thing you cannot ‘make-up’.

Genuine appreciations are hard to get

Guarantees and teardowns showcase confidence