A Novel Way to Think About Ad Copies

We advertise to sell.

Sounds simple, right?

So why should communication around advertising be complex? Some of the best ads I’ve seen (and persuaded) us to buy have been straightforward.

  • They communicate benefits.
  • They’re devoid of any fluff and vague words like ‘supercharge’, ‘transform’

I recently discovered the Kopywriting blog, and Neiville calls this the “Easy peasy lens”.

Three examples on website, social ads and billboards where this is used.


You see the website homepage, you know what they sell. Straightforward, isn’t i

Sell benefits_gd (1).png


Shopify uses these ads in India. They describe their benefits in a simple way. Delivery, drop shipping. One ad, One Benefit.

Sell-benefits (2).png


Apple has many products that were the ‘firsts’ in the market. Here’s a look at how they explain the benefit. They never say “World’s first portable iPod”, because it means nothing to the consumer.

Sell-benefits (3).png

Don’t tell what you have to offer. Explain how it makes a difference to me.