“But that’s what our competitors do”

An agency trying to decide an ad for their a client selling child health drink

“That’s what our competitors do,” said the account manager in a condescending tone.

“They promise their health drink will make the kids stronger and healthier.”

“But it’s going to be tough to stand out with a similar message. We should look for something different” said the copywriter disputing the account manager.

4 hours, 9 coffees later- the account manager gave in.

“Let’s have it your way” she said

Any of us could have been in this fictional situation.

To mimic the messaging of a competitor which is tried and tested, or go take an alternate route albeit with a bit of risk.

Look at what the copywriter did

“Another ad on benefits would have made us indistinguishable. A creative trend will be hogged by everyone. Our best bet was to look the other way. Doing that will make us unique

she concluded as everyone stood up in applause.

Eugene put it succinctly

The ugly thing in a world of beauty stands out.