Taking the Vulnerability Out of Your Claims

Chiat/Day was a just another ‘new’ agency in a crowded space. The didn’t have the clientele to say

“Look, these brands trust us, so you should too”.

You’re unlikely to land marquee accounts with such reputation. Chiat/Day set out to change it.

And how?

By tailoring ads for specific clients/industries they wanted to work with.

Like this.

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What makes these ads special? Zoom in and you’ll see the

  • have a powerful headline
  • explain why they’re good
  • appeal to the client’s ego.

But importantly- they have a guarantee. And it instantly takes the vulnerability out of prospect’s mind.

Their guarantee (incase you didn’t zoom in earlier)

I hope you come back to read more :).

Roughly 30% of the ad is giving the client an assurance

  • that their sales will increase.
  • how long it will take to do so (6 months in Ad-1).

If you’re running an ad or making a claim, add a guarantee. If you can’t then go back and do what it takes to add one.