Why Didn’t I Know of This Headline Secret Before?

“It could be better”,

“It’s not punchy enough”,

“Could be a bit more bold”

These are typical reactions we hear while writing headlines.

Why does this happen?

And why is it that we haven’t cracked ‘the perfect formula’?

Because the problem lies in identifying the appropriate “lens” to take copywriting. I wrote about taking a easy-peasy lens.

Another fascinating formula I discovered- The “Problem solver” lens as Neville from KopywritingKourse calls it.

Example-1 – Leon

The HR tech-space is notoriously boring, enormously crowded, and stereotypical in it’s language. To evoke a reaction and stand out- You have to call out a problem in a BOLD way, back up your claims and offer your solution.

Like what Leon did.

Leon exaples for copywriting. The problem solver lens to writing copies.
These captions are also called micro-copies. Why don’t you read about it here?

Example-2- Hey

Enough’s been said, written and spoken about Hey. They called out an existing problem that was ‘BIG enough’. And they told you why you should trust them!

Hey's copywriting lens.
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So that’s the problem solver lens

Call out or pick a problem that will drive your market crazzzzzy. Agitate it. Escalate it further. And then offer your solution.