The Byproduct of a Great Campaign

In the early parts of 19th century saw dust, chips and shredded wood were seen as ‘waste’. Until someone thought of selling these ‘waste’ byproducts for a pretty profit.

The takeaway? When you create something, you ALWAYS make something else.

And as a marketer you are myopic if you don’t see that oppurutnity.We only think ‘Content repurposing’. Right? Well, move on, already!

It was the Autumn of 2018, when Wistia wanted to produce a brand video. They challenged their agency to create three videos in with different budgets. They were

  • $1000
  • $10,000
  • $100,000

You can see the ads here.

While they created this ad, guess what else they did? They showcased this whole process on Amazon prime.

Brings me to the first argument- Agencies don’t sell useful templates. Software companies don’t write books. Sports clubs don’t show what happens in backdoor.

You never create one thing! So the next time you are planning something BIG, think- what is my saw dust?