Where is Your Brand’s Underpriced Attention? Find Out With a Simple Worksheet

As a early stage marketer one of the biggest question you will answer is

Which channels should I invest my $$?

I hate to break the bad news- there’s no silver bullet.

But here’s the thing- you can always find where your competitors aren’t doing well.

The places where you know your audiences are hanging out, but don’t get enough ‘meat’. The channel where your audience’s attention is underpriced.

Would you be able to double-down there? Oh yes, you can!

Make a matrix like this. And rate your competitor(s) against each channel. I rate them on a scale of 5 (afterHOURS on research)

underpriced attention matrix to asses competitors.

I know that my audience have an underpriced attention in

  • Communities
  • Linkedin

That’s where I would double down (apart from doing check-box stuff in other channels).

But answer this before you take-off- Do you have the skills to double down (or do you have the budget)?

The best channels are the ones that haven’t been explored by your competitors.

Here’s proof (b’cos I ain’t Gary Vee)