Will You Trade This Secret for A Million Bucks?

“Have a seat” told my manager as I rushed into our meeting (albeit 5 mins late).

I opened my laptop and had a quick glance at the agenda. It read “Learnings from the 100k blog”.

I took the red marker from the far end and stood up to explain the framework.

She interrupted “Before you start, why don’t we just write a blog about how we cracked and replicated this framework”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea. I wouldn’t do it for a million bucks” I rebutted in a whisker.

“Look, Jammy. she started

“Telling people about what you know makes you look authentic. People are always curious about how things are made” she continued.

“I am not convinced. Can you give me some examples” I said.

“Look at this- Ogilvy ran a newspaper advertorial with ALL their trade secrets (Please download. It’s a must read for all marketers)

Behind the scenes.png

“And Groove’s blog, written by their founder. They talk about their secrets, to 250,000+ subscribers”

Behind the scenes (1).png
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People love finding out little secrets about all kinds of businesses. That’s why factory tours, behind-the-scenes are exciting.

“Makes sense” I said as I started writing a blog on “The framework that helped us scale to 134,000 blog visits a month”.