Forget Everything You Know About Writing. This Example Will Change You As A Writer

I used to make fun of people who blog. It came out my insecurity to write.

“I don’t think I can write an article everyday. I requires a lot of thinking, and I’m not confident about my hold over the language” I told my friend, Anish.

I was panting.

Because I always walk while taking calls. I looked at my blue-strapped watch and it read “17,894 Steps”. That’s 25% more than my daily target.

Anyways, coming back.

“Are you done” asked Anish.

“Dude, you’re overthinking”

“Business writing is all about conveying concepts in a simple way. You’re not here to write poems, or a literary pieces. Your job is to explain a concept succinctly.” he said

“Emm, I don’t think…” I started.

“check your mail” he interrupted.

He sent me a link to Dilbert’s article. I opened it immediately (I was a HUGE fan of Dilbert’s comic).

I read it.

And re-read it.

It changed the way I write. It will change yours too :).

Read it here (in case you’re on mobile).

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