Overcome Your Reader’s Attention Span Deficit With This Technique

Consumers don’t read your content.

They’re distracted by the random ‘ding’ on smartphones, the additional tab that hasn’t been read, the endless social notifications.

And with such short attention spans, it becomes impossible to captivate the reader’s attention.

But the solution to this problem was invented long back. Like 13B.C. or so.

This technique was used by my favourite show- Breaking Bad.

I was hooked on it for 6+ hours and finished 7 cans of cola in the process.

“would watch it again without a break” read one review.

And you would. It seizes your attention.

Why? Because it doesn’t waste any time to get to the plot.

A deserted and a barren countryside. A half-naked middle aged man preparing Methamphetamine, and out of no where hears the siren sound. It approaches towards him every second,

and KA-BOOM- You have the title. You’re already hooked.

And it’s intentional.

This type of narrative is called “in media res” translating to “into the middle of things”. It’s a proven way to seize attention and using flashbacks to fill the backstory.

The next time you write something long, think “in media res”. Attention first. Context later.