Rethinking Product Sign-up Forms

“Oh, it’s annoying. Why should I fill out 5 fields, give my card details just to see the product?” said Bill to himself.

“I am f875king giving up” he muttered as he threw away the green headphones and stopped his tool exploration abruptly.

Bill was looking for a new analytics tool. The process of filling out forms to just ‘see’ the product was frustrating him.

Why give ALL my details for a product I might not ending up buying? he wondered

We all have been in Bill’s shoes.

But, when it comes to designing our sign-up forms- we never think of Bill’s pains. I thought there was no solution.

Until I came across a pleasant experience with Amplitude. They let you experience the product before signing-up.

Once you click on ‘Explore product’ on their homepage, you go straight into the product. Make no mistake- they do ask for ALL the details. Like this

Why don’t you subscribe? Look at what people who have subscribed have to say.

I’m already inside the product, and my resistance to fill the form is lower.

A classic example of

Show, don’t tell

May be that should be the new normal?