Rethinking The CTA As We Know It

You’ve got a landing page.

You’ve done all the hard work of bringing relevant people to your page.

They’ve filled all their details.

And right when they’re about to HIT the button- doubts start to creep in

“Am I signing up for the free plan?”

“Will I be asked for my card details in the next screen?”

“Did I choose the right plan?”

And KA-BOOM, they go two screens back or scroll up. There’s a good chance that they will drop-off!

While we put A LOT OF EFFORT to be specific, instil fear, show social proof, and navigate the user, why can’t we reiterate what they’re signing up for?

We simple say “Sign-up”, or something vague along the lines. The CTA can be used to reiterate what the user is signing-up for.

I suggest we go- Call to value.

Here’s an example from Spotify. It cleared my doubts on the plan I chose. Through their CTA.

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Your CTA should reiterate the the value (plan, benefits, et al). You can do that with a call to value or microcopy.