Rethinking Your Cold-Email Sequence

“Get the door, Walter” she said.

Walter closed the door, and settled down with his piping hot coffee. Across him was his manager who hired him as Jr.SDR.

“I read your email draft” she said. “Good stuff”


“You didn’t let me finish”.

“It’s a good email sequence for someone who’s trying to get a job. You aren’t here for that. Right?”

“No” he said.

“Do you think people are going to buy our software from this email template?” she asked holding up a print-out of Walter’s email sequence.

“How do I approach this, then?” asked Walter. He prepared himself for taking notes.

Look, the goal of a first email in any sequence is not to make users buy. It is to get a response. It’s to get a conversation started” she said.

“Don’t tell them this is wrong and tell them to talk to you for doing things right”. she continued.

“Genuine conversations leave a memorable experience. Even if they don’t buy, they will remember you for the good conversations” she concluded as Walter nodded in agreement.