4 Ways Of Showcasing Your Testimonials (And Sounding More Authentic)

Social proof– It signals people trust your brand. It’s the easiest and the most effective way to tell

“Look these people trust us, you can too”.

And I am going to explore different ways of showcasing testimonials.

The take-it-all

Brands that list 100+ testimonials. It signifies range, and the quantity builds trust like no other.

Example from Basecamp.

Did you check-out the testimonials people have given about millimatters?

The filters

Do people from my industry use this? Do people like me use this? Quash all these doubts with filters based on industry, size and persona.

Did you like this article? Do you want me to write something new?

Videos FTW

Videos speak and bring authenticity like no other. Why not embed them? Podia has this in their first fold :). A classic, ‘Show, don’t tell” approach.

Why don’t you do me a favour and share this on social? Please?

Authentic nerds

Things can’t get more real when you embed ALL good things people tell about you on social. Example from a favourite tool of mine- Notion.

Why do these work?

Because exhibit authenticity, clear prospect’s doubts, validate your claims in a relatable way. They don’t sound ‘markety’.