Increasing The Perceived Value Of Your Offering (And Getting Tim Cook on Your Podcast)

Imagine you would be given $1 million for

  • Getting Tim Cook to respond to your cold-email.
  • Making Casey Neistat to come on your podcast.
  • Have Bill Gates be the first guest of a new video series.

If you’re like me chances are, you’re already looking at other ways for the elusive money.


  • They get 1000s of emails (if not more).
  • What’s in it for them, anyway (exposure, seriously?).

But, how do I get them?

The answering lies in signalling theory. I recently started reading the Alchemy, where Rory states

… meaning and significance we attach to something is felt in direct proportion to the expense with which it is communicated.

So what does this look in real life?

  • A video asking Casey to be part of your podcast.

Still unsure about subscribing?

  • A website for the community manager job you wanted.
It’s time to HIT THAT DAMN button and subscribe!

Makes the receiver wonder

“Damn, if they did [signalling action], can’t imagine how badly they need it”

Want something aspirational? Show it by increasing the perceived value 🙂