This Branding Tactic will Keep Compounding (And Doesn’t Cost A Dime)

I am a BIG advocate of small things compounding over time. Be it habits, column wide advertising, or reiterating the messaging. It’s repetition that aids recall.

This got me thinking

What can brands do to increase their digital footprint?

I wanted to explore ways that are not checkbox stuff AND ensure it’s cost-effective.

And I discovered and executed a tactic- placements testimonials section. Or rather the “Brands that use <product> section” on websites.

Like this
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Here’s how I would approach it

  • Make a list of ALL the tools that my company uses.
  • Reach out, and tell them I want to give a testimonial
  • I’m okay with doing it any format but I want to be featured on the homepage with other brands

Say you use 20+ tools (conservative estimate), imagine the digital footprint with a 30% conversion.

And that with very minimal effort. Wouldn’t you take that?

Bonus if you can do it with integration partners, and other complimentary tools that have the same audience as you.