A Framework To Write The Perfect Headlines For Your Brand (With An Example)

So, I wanted to drop an exercise on coming up effective taglines. I observed and wrote on how taglines evolve from being descriptive to aspirational.

Thought it will be a good exercise for starters who struggle with taglines (or homepage copies).

Assume I was the CMO of notion. Here’s how I would do it

Step-1 Dump your business idea

“Notion is a collaboration software. It lets teams and individuals communicate asynchronously, take and organise notes, create templates, and map out your plans. It lets you visualise your notes, plans in multiple forms that are visually pleasing. With Notion, you can do away with your project management , writing , and other collaboration tools.”.

Step-2 Trim it to a few sentences (3 max)

“Notion lets you create, organise, write and collaborate over everything that your team is working on. It’s the only tool you will need to visualise your team’s work and collaborate asynchronously”.

Step-3 Trim it down to one sentence

“The All-in-one Collaboration software for all your team’s needs. Write, plan, and get organised”

I know I could shorten it further, but – You get the drill!