Writing An Elevator Pitch For Your Brand

Taglines are elevator pitches for your brands.

They tell what the brand does

What the brand stands for.

And most importantly- it becomes the ONE THING consumers associate themselves with.

A look at some of BEST brands 😉

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These tag-lines didn’t come out of the blue. Apple didn’t say “Think Different” or Nike didn’t say “Just do it” when they were nobody. Like all else, taglines evolve with the brand.

And hence, I wanted to go through an exercise showing the evolution.

Let’s take the example of a design agency going through various stages of growth.

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The tagline evolves from descriptive to aspirational as the revenue (& brand) grows.

Your values, visualised” makes no sense to a consumer if you’re making $100. At that stage the consumer ONLY cares about- what can you do for them?

This post was inspired from an email I received from Neville of Kopywriting Kourse.