The 3 Positioning Maxims (With Examples)

Is it even possible to write about positioning without reading Obviously Awesome by April Dunford?

It’s the one book that was tactical, anecdotal, an absolute page turner. All in one (sorry for sounding like most SaaS tools out there).

But what stuck was- how most of the positioning was restricted broadly 3 maxims.

Here we go.

Small fish in a big pond

When you’re in a large market- solve something specific for a niche or creating a sub-segment in a large segment. Works like a charm when you’re in red ocean markets.

Zomentum – A CRM player caters only to the MSP space.

Category creation

When there’s no market leader, category creation is your route to take. Done right, this helps you own a word in the prospect’s mind. But mind you- this requires A LOT of education- about the category AND product.

Drift- is creating a lot of educational videos, academy and blogs around revenue acceleration.

Go against the big fish

Works in markets where you have established competitors, who’re ‘too big’ for smaller companies. There is going to be an audience who’re frustrated with existing solution. Or even worse, not even knowing what an ideal solution looks like. Taking them head-on (of course with the right offerings), could be good play there.

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